Retired Captain Wendy M. Davis

Title: Senior Nurse Officer (Retired)
Company: United States Air Force Active Duty and Reserves; United States Public Health Service
Location: United States and Globally

Captain Wendy Marie Davis is recognized by Who’s Who Top Military for her dedication, achievements, and leadership serving the military in health care services.

Captain Davis accepted her commission as a United States Air Force Nurse Officer in 1987. A teen mother, she was persistent and successful in the face of adversity paying her way through college and completing her goal to receive a baccalaureate degree in nursing in 1986, allowing her to accept her commission as a second lieutenant nurse officer in the U. S. Air Force.

Captain Davis’s officer training was at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. She and her family spent two weeks in Texas, during her attendance to Military Indoctrination for Medical Service Officers while enroute to their first duty station Hill Hospital located at Hill Air Force Base, UT. Her duty was a second lieutenant nurse officer at Hill Hospital multi-service unit as Charge Nurse from 1987-1990.

Captain Davis’s dream was to become an Air Force Flight Nurse and she knew flight nursing slots were in the reserves. She became a USAFR Flight Nurse Officer attached to McChord AFB, WA. She attended flight nursing school at Brooks AFB, TX and began flying training and active-duty missions as a flight nurse from 1990-1995 from McChord AFB and McGuire AFB, NJ. As a first lieutenant she served multiple missions to the Azores, Greenland, Iceland, and Germany; as well her deployment to Egypt and Somalia during Restore Hope.

Captain Davis transferred to Hanscom AFB, MA, at which time she ceased flying and began serving as a Pediatric Clinic Supervisor. 1998-Captain Davis became active duty as an Obstetric Charge Nurse stationed at Malcom Grow Medical Center Andrews AFB, MD. She specialized in neonatal nursery, post-partum, and labor & delivery.

2003-Captain Davis accepted commission as a Lieutenant Commander with the United States Public Health Service. Her first duty station was with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) as an Infection Control, Quality Assurance, Employee Health Nurse Officer located at the Federal Correctional Institution Terminal Island, CA. She successfully passed Federal Law Enforcement Training at Glynco, GA, allowing her to accept this assignment. She was successful and accepted assignment to the FBOP Headquarters Washington, DC in 2006, as the national FBOP Infection Control Specialist.

2008-Captain Davis accepted assignment with the United States Marshals Service, Crystal City, VA as Nurse Case Manager. She served as a liaison between the deputies and Federal Occupational Health providing pertinent health information to determine issues related to deputies facing medical board review. 2009-She received a master’s degree in health science specializing in public health and won her promotion to Commander.

2010-Captain Davis accepted assignment to Indian Health Service at Phoenix Indian Medical Center, AZ. serving as Charge Nurse in the NICU Nursery, Labor & Delivery, Post-Partum. She certified as a Registered Maternal-Newborn Nurse and gained certification as an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. Promotion from Commander to Captain 0-6 awarded to her in 2015 and she retired from U.S. Uniform Service on March 31, 2019. Her deployments as a USPHS Nurse Officer included, Hurricane Katrina, Cherry Blossom Festival, various recruitment locations, and medical support for the U.S. Forest Service.

2019-Retired Captain Davis completed a graduate degree in Environmental and Occupational Health from Johns Hopkins University, MD.

2022-Retired Captain Davis completed Certified Service Officer Training from Disabled American Veteran National Chapter and has been serving fellow Veterans at DAV Chapter 82 in Port Charlotte, FL assisting their submission of disability claims to the Veterans Administration. She started serving at DAV Chapter 82 as a volunteer in 2020 and continues to serve presently.

Retired Captain Wendy Marie Davis served 24 years active duty and eight years reserve and continues to serve fellow veterans presently. She believes her faith in God and her belief in lifelong learning, determination, as well as perseverance in the face of adversity has been her key for success.

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