Matthew Rutschky

Matthew Rutschky
Title: CEO
Company: OPTI-MATT
Location: State College, Pennsylvania, United States

Matthew Rutschky, CEO of OPTI-MATT, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Military for dedication, achievements, and leadership.
Mr. Rutschky’s area of expertise is in photonics, optics, fiber optics for telecommunications, and communications such as with the cable industry, cellphones, and regular phones. He contributed his skills in these areas as the CEO of OPTI-MATT for three decades, retiring in 2002. In addition to working in this capacity, Mr. Rutschky served with the U.S. Navy for 26 years as a repairman and photographer. Photography has long been his passion, having grown up watching his father create images in their family home’s darkroom. He enlisted and went through a “Photographer’s Mate” 8 school and was very successful. His Master Chief asked him to take photography while in jets and helicopters and be began working as an Air Photographer. Mr. Rutschky learned how to fly jets and helicopters and spent nearly thirty years doing what he considers to be “the best job ever.” Prior to retiring from the Navy, he achieved the rank of E-8.
Throughout his career, Mr. Rutschky received numerous accolades for his work. These include various Achievement Awards from the US Navy, as well as a Desert Storm Award and Commendation Awards, among many others. In his academic pursuits, he received two associate’s degrees in electrical engineering and photonics from Three Rivers Community College and a Bachelor’s degree in photonics from Penn State University in 2010. Furthermore, he took on coursework towards a master’s degree at Penn State.
Throughout his career, Mr. Rutschky maintained affiliation with Gamma Phi, Engineering Group (worldwide), and the Penn State Alumni Association. He attributes his success to doing what he was told and always showing up on time. He was guided by his motto to ‘never say no,’ which helped lead to interesting and amazing opportunities. Though retired, he looks forward to helping others and spending more time volunteering.


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